And here we go again…

It would seem her highness shades of jade is making yet another exit. For real this time? We can only hope. Nay, PRAY!

For the love of Kottu, leave already! Bloody drama queen!

Oh hold up, I almost forgot, this is most probably another one of her ploys for attention. For all those bloggers (who know very well that her blog stinks like mould on the dingleberries of a warthog’s posterior) to swoon in and lie about how wonderful *spit* her blog is. To falsely tell her (as Indi did the last time) that she is hot and therefore does not need to close down her blog (anything for some action, eh indi?)

What better way to make yourself a target of attention than to write a tearful post on why you’re leaving and keep the blog out for ‘a day’?

According to her post, she’s closing shop because someone has committed ‘crimes’ against her. Crimes???

Now what could this wannabe 18 year old bogger who is the equivalent of Miss Piggy (albeit a considerably smaller noodle) have had done against her by that villainous so-called friend?

Broken her freshy manicured nail in a cat fight???? Wooooah! Well that’s unforgivable! Damn that bitch to hell!

Shades of Jade, don’t let the door hit you where to good lord split you!

12 comments so far

  1. Harsha on

    biting wit as usual

  2. Purple Jungi on

    I deserve your attention. Please blog about me will you. I even wrote about my porn experiences but still you didn’t troll no ? Am i that bad Pada ? Please Pada do me a favour, i demand a post. I deserve to be on your blog no ? Atleast please tell me why you aren’t tempted by my purple jungi.

    Love & Hugs in anticipation from
    Pada’s Purple Jungi Nangi

    • James on

      I see that butt boy Nibby is back in action. Probably got over the soreness in his ass after his last session with the swim coach!

  3. purplesocksismine on

    U need help.

  4. NB on

    “Shades of Jade, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you!”

    LOL…! If it did the doorknob would probably disappear… or more likely the entire door might be lost forever!!!

    afterall, she has been doing it ‘doggy’ with a ‘horsey’ named Ed…

  5. Makuluwo on

    ‘Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you’?

    That was like the textual-equivalent of watching adolescent females talk about nail polish.
    Whoever’s taken over padashow, spare us the cringe worthy crap. Leave the trolling to the real trolls.

  6. honey bee on

    Visiting from Sittingnuts blog, didn’t know you were Indi Samarajiva indeed. Mmm… Shame on you ! Would’ve thought you were a gentleman, but you aren’t. Get a life Indi

  7. headspace on

    You really ARE a moron aren’t you. She left for real you dumb-fuck. Not to cry for attention like all the other bloggers before her who feigned every farewell they made. How redundant can you get with everything you post!

    You ask why she left the blog on for just one day? Did it ever occur to your puny asshole sized brain (not your asshole obviously becoz that would be monstrous becoz of all the wear and tear) that she kept it on so that people who actually did like her blog could read that this was her last post and know she’s leaving and won’t be posting anymore. What’s the point writing it and immediately deleting the blog.

    God what an imbecile!

    • Suresh on

      Are you the famous talking horse, or are you just one of the many guys who bang her regularly?

  8. headspace on

    No I’m just the guy that bangs your mom regularly.

    Though I’d like to think of your suggestion too… i don’t bang everything that moves like you obviously do.

    • Suresh on

      If you’re banging my mom, you must be pretty desperate for some action, considering the fact that she’s been dead for a few years!

      Of course, if you’re also banging Jaded Shades aka Wyomi, you really have some pretty bad taste for sloppy seconds, or thirds, or fourths… :)

  9. Shannon on

    Indeed a distasteful blog – Padashow. Ripping someone else apart albeit publicly shows cowardice.
    Have you ceased to exists as at this post??????????????

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