Back Under New Management

The people who ran this blog earlier got themselves some lives. Or they got whacked by the Walala brothers. What matters is that they’re not around anymore, and there’s work that needs to be done.

There’re more blogs now. And a lot more shit for the troll to eat.

Self-professed blog-dutugemunu Indi got dressed up like Mahinda Rajapakse and got kicked out of the rowing club. Tut tut. Standards at the rowing club are really dropping. Back in our day they were very clear that animals were not allowed, regardless of what they were wearing. Woof woof.

And we have a few new artists. Like our boy Undivine Intervention. I think his unhealthy fascination with phallic images should go away once he gets laid. Oh… wait… we have a winner here! He’s into poetry too!

Between your meetings and corporate beatings,
Shopping trips and escapades with leather whips,

I think this guy works in the middle ages. They don’t beat people at our office anymore. Too bad. I know a few people who could do with some solid thumping.

So that’s all for now you muckseeking misanthropes. For old times sake we’ve trashed an all time favourite, and we’ve also trawled for some new pukeogenic untalent. We’ll be visiting all our old friends soon to see what trash they’ve managed to generate.

Keep watching Pada Show. Or better yet, get a blog and show the world what a loser you are.

One More Walala

Oh my gosh! Oh my bloody gosh! Mendis has a blog. Even though this is the nth time I have come across a local freak trying to experiment with a severly limited vocabulary, it never ceases to surprise me. The Walalasekaras seem to live in a state named denial, where everything they say and do must be worshipped by all of Colombo. But we must admit, they are fun, especially when they are drunk (which is most of the time).

But the blog's content is no big surprise. It's utterly unintelligible, like much of what perpetually-stoned-off-his-ass-Mendis says. That's one of the prerequisites to be a Walala-brother. You must be able to say deep/funny/philosophical/reflective sounding things without actually making any sense.
Since both Sophist (the king Walalasekara) and Indi (the finest black butt in Colombo) are active members of the Kottu boggers community, it was only a matter of time before their sidekick Mendis also joined the shitpile.

Next: free hardcore videos of the Walala clan engaging in painful anal sex. Oh boy. That's bound to turn some stomachs. And lifetime members have acess to the "Mendis tries to nail Monalee" special. Fortunately the girl wasn't drunk enough. Mendis didn't get any that night, but the attempts were fun to watch.

An insult!

Just when we thought that Sanajana 'I-want-to-be-Saravanamuttu' Hattotuwa had insulted us enough by telling Tom Dick and Aspa-Git that we were Morquendi, apparently Aspa-Git has a theory that we're Indi-schmindi!
Please do not insult the Pada any further. We don't think our fragile hearts can take such insults from ningnongs like you.

Pada Show Revealed!

A chappie by the name of Sanjana Hattotuwa who's apparently one of the Moju boys has discovered that Pada Show is our resident kotiya Morquendi!

Hattotuwa told Aspa-Git who told Electra who told Morquendi who's been missing from the bogosphere because he's in Punjabiland doing position #134 in the Kamasutra with his bird, or so we thought.

In fact he's sneakily been running a website under a new name and telling the local boggers what he really thinks about them! He's been causing quite a stir hasn't he? I think his post-Tsunami glittratistatus was not enough of a dose of fame an attention for him. He needed MORE! So he donned his cape, found a bugger-all sidekick and became Pada Show!

Hattotuwa also believes that since Morquendi is a hora-kotiya, that Pada Show is a koti-propaganda machine designed to disrupt the Sri Lankan boggers! Dammit! The Sri Lanka boggers were so close to foiling the kotiya plan when Morquendi/Pada Show ruined it! Sri Lankan boggers should unite to rid the bogosphere of this koti menace. We must expose the Pada-Koti Givisuma!

Another wannabe poet

Some people just don't know that there are some things they don't do well. Bloggers do this whole denial thing best. Most think they're writers, poets, photographers, artists, philosophers. You losers fill the web with your banality and celebrate your sub-mediocre existence. It's annoying how many people in the Sri Lankan blog crowd get away with utter bullshit under the guise of being abstract.

Even after being repeatedly told by many people, Sweet Idiot Nuzreth does not seem to understand that she can't write poetry. I would first suggest she learn some English, and the how-to of stringing lines together to construct an idea.

Here's her latest attempt. Makes me want to puke and laugh at the same time. I thought she was going to get married and go away and leave us alone. I was wrong.
*PS: And what's really funny is the guy who leaves a comment on the post asking her for a job. What's even funnier is the fact that Nuzreth replies and asks him for his CV. Harhar har. She's an employment agent now!!

Scary Little Boy

Aspa-Git has been growing even scarier.

Kinda like Omen, when we know Damien is the Devil but he's so cute. But it's the fact that he's so cute that makes him so scary.

For public security, we need to find out who let Aspa-Git boy out of the nuthouse, shoot them, and then put this boy back inside. I heard Mulleriyawa has a great shock therapist.

He gone beyond being confusing now. Earlier he was just an anarchist wannabe commie. Now he's a wanna be philosopher. Smoking weed does that to young minds. Makes you think you're smart!

Stinging-nuts is Finally Getting Some

Come back after a few weeks and we find Stinging-nuts' been getting some. Gosh what is this world coming to?

And this Keshi chick, well I think she deserves Stinging-nuts. Go check her blog and you'll see what I'm talking about. Sickening colors images and content. Most of the time she just says things like:

I believe that amidst so much hatred, there is still alot of love, kindness and true human spirit left in this world.

She's so fake that I think her parents might have been Ken and Barbie.


Keshi Blow Up Doll
And as for Stinging-nuts, well, every guys reaches a point when they'll do anything with a hole, including the drainpipe. I guess his nuts started stinging so bad with the lack of action that he just had to take what he could get.

Sumana’s Cover Blown!

It seems Stingingnuts is not not the No 1 sevalaya in the Sri Lankan blog community.

Yesterday after a general request two concerned Padashow fans sent us a photograph of Sumana. Apparently Sumana has been sevala-fying all over at least three female bloggers. Chee chee. And then he sends them a really really sevala looking photograph.

It's so bad that I'm not actually going to post it. Let me know if people really badly want to see it. Prepare for a little thovilaya if you want to see it 🙂

Guess Who’s Back?

Giggle giggle. Your favourite troll is back! And even thought we're going to take long breaks we're going to be back to bite your asses every so often.

Had a good laugh about how the Saranankara Soththiya Dim-ithri who threatened to rip us to little peices is getting all weepy about some stupid graduation.

I'm going to weep now. Who the fuck lets a moron like that graduate? Sniff sob. On the other hand I wonder how much he had to slip under the table for that degree 🙂


Chathuranga has given me the finger on his blog.

My thanks to him for the first image dedicated to Pada Show.

Too bad he had to stick his hand inside his scanner to do it. It must've hurt and would've been a bit of a contortionist act. And it seems you left a few sweat trails on your scanne. I'm one of those people who believe that morons who don't know how to use them properly should be kept away from electronic eqipment.

Kottu can pool some cash and do a fund-raiser maybe, and buy this boy a digital camera.

In response to Chaturanga's threat, let me borrow something from Aspa-Git