Back Under New Management

The people who ran this blog earlier got themselves some lives. Or they got whacked by the Walala brothers. What matters is that they’re not around anymore, and there’s work that needs to be done.

There’re more blogs now. And a lot more shit for the troll to eat.

Self-professed blog-dutugemunu Indi got dressed up like Mahinda Rajapakse and got kicked out of the rowing club. Tut tut. Standards at the rowing club are really dropping. Back in our day they were very clear that animals were not allowed, regardless of what they were wearing. Woof woof.

And we have a few new artists. Like our boy Undivine Intervention. I think his unhealthy fascination with phallic images should go away once he gets laid. Oh… wait… we have a winner here! He’s into poetry too!

Between your meetings and corporate beatings,
Shopping trips and escapades with leather whips,

I think this guy works in the middle ages. They don’t beat people at our office anymore. Too bad. I know a few people who could do with some solid thumping.

So that’s all for now you muckseeking misanthropes. For old times sake we’ve trashed an all time favourite, and we’ve also trawled for some new pukeogenic untalent. We’ll be visiting all our old friends soon to see what trash they’ve managed to generate.

Keep watching Pada Show. Or better yet, get a blog and show the world what a loser you are.


2 comments so far

  1. ayla on

    Great to have you back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. parsonsramos45598 on

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